What I´m doing?

2015-02-11 12:12:15 by TMBAnimations

What is doing TMB?

Well, actually i'm working in a big proyect, Pokemon Red/Blue Parody!

It take me long time but will be great. Here is a picture:


64 Subscribers! - YouTube

2014-11-09 13:18:16 by TMBAnimations

64 Subscribers?

Thanks, I've always liked the number 64 (especially for the Nintendo 64).

I am currently working on many projects and i'm going to be a year since Super Mario Bros. 2 Parody (first video) so i'm going to do a special video about Super Mario Bros. 2.


10/08/14 (Day/Month/Year)

2014-08-10 12:46:56 by TMBAnimations

1. I have a new logo, Mario Stylish (TMB).

2. This will be a new videos saga: M & L

3. Actually i'm working in 4 proyects:
-1. Pokemon Red/Blue Parody.
-2. Secret Proyect.
-3. M & L: Train Problem (Provisional Title).
-4. Saxxy Awards Video.

4. Pokemon Red/Blue Parody will take a long time.